Q. Do you cook in our house?

A. Yes. We are licensed and insured with ServSafe certificates. We are only allowed by law to prepare all food items in your kitchen. This also gives the client peace of mind knowing their food was prepared in their own home.

Q. Do you do the shopping?

A. Yes. Part of our service includes shopping for all the ingredients to prepare your chosen meals. Most clients will agree this is one of the benefits they enjoy most. We also make sure to find the best quality and value while shopping which entails using different vendors and grocery stores.

Q. How much do your personal chef services cost?

A. Our weekly meal prep services start at $200

Q. Are groceries included in the price?

A. No. Groceries are billed in addition to the service cost. We’ve found this works best since certain clients have different taste and demands. This allows us to market our base service under one cost and the only variable is based on personal preferences.

Q. What if someone in our family is gluten or dairy free?

A. The great thing about our service is all our menus are tailored to each client’s overall tastes, preferences, and any dietary restrictions or allergies. We have many clients with very specific dietary needs and we graciously accept the challenge to provide interesting and new meals that meet their specific needs.

Q. How long do the meals last in the refrigerator?

A. This depends on the dish. Certain dishes like braises and soups will hold up better over time than a seafood dish or salad. We recommend eating within four days. We can also arrange a menu that will accommodate freezing certain meals.

Q. How do I reheat each meal?

A. You will be provided with a set of specific reheating instructions such as oven temperature and cooking times. This is a challenging aspect of our service since all kitchens are different and often requires client feedback. We do our best to come up with meals that we know will be easy to reheat without compromising the way they taste. This can also vary depending on the clients comfort level in the kitchen.

Q. How are the meals stored?

A. We like to use all glass containers when possible but will use whatever the client prefers. Their size and the amount depends on how may servings each client needs. The client assumes the cost of the containers which will be billed on the first invoice. They are the client’s to keep from that point on.

Q. How long are you at the house?

A. It depends but usually it takes about 3-4 hours. We clean the entire kitchen before we leave, so you will never know we were there.