Set for Dinner is a boutique catering company offering personal & private chef services throughout the CT.

Our goal is to provide a solution for busy families and individuals to enjoy healthy and delicious home cooked meals without all the work that goes into it.

As parents of two young children we understand how hard it is to juggle daily task and responsibilities and still have the stamina and patience to prepare dinner on a regular basis. And we do this for a living!

In addition to our meal prep service we provide help with intimate dinners and celebrations with friends and family. 

Having trouble coming up with new and interesting meals that adhere to a new and unfortunately rigid diet regime? 

 We have several clients with wide range of dietary restrictions. We appreciate the challenge of keeping  weekly menus fresh which gives frustrated and almost defeated clients hope and  something to look forward to. 

Our clients have come to appreciate not having to fret about planning a menu, going to the grocery store, preparing and cooking dinner, and then have to clean up.

Having the extra time for themselves, to spend doing something more enjoyable, makes the experience worthwhile.

We understand for some our service is a necessity and for others a bit of a splurge. We also appreciate the amount of trust that goes into this type of relationship especially when working in someone’s home. Working cleanly, being mindful of the kitchen equipment, countertops, and respecting privacy and discretion is just as important as the food we create. We know how valuable word of mouth and personal recommendations are in order to grow our business.

So if you have done all you can and realize that it’s just not working don’t feel bad. We get it. Instead let’s set up a time to talk on the phone and figure a plan that works for you.